Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is the LIS 451 Lecture 2 blog. The purpose of the bog is so that students can post a selection (2 -5) of the annotated citations that they are preparing for the class final project, the literature review. The annotated citations are to be posted so that other students can comment on them. Everyone in the class can write to the blog, but to save us from chaos, please be sure to comment on the citations from whoever was your partner for the first in-class exercise, the reference interview. While it's OK to comment on anyone's citations, you only earn points by commenting on your partner's.

Here is a list of the partners, as far as I can tell; if your records differ, please let me know! Some students at Rockford & Shorewood did a kind of round robin - if your name appears more than once (I've put asterisks next to the used more than once names), use the pair where your name is FIRST - and comment on the other student. If your name does NOT appear more than once simply work back & forth with the pair you're in -

Lexie Reiling / Karlene Campbell
Amy Ingalls / Kathy Clair*
Beth McGowan / Jill Sanderson
Brian Peters / Steven Nielsen
Cassidy Carr / Morgan Hansen
Cynthia Shutts / Jon Burke
Karly Steele / Kelsey Buffington
Kathy Clair* / Erin Hunter*
Nicole Lindsay / Sarah Flanagan*
Sarah Flanagan* / Ericka Schilling
Erin Hunter* / Amy Ingalls*


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