Monday, November 10, 2008

Has new technology in golf ruined the game?

Forsyth, Paul “Weiskopf slams rule-makers for ignoring March of technology” Scotland on Sunday July 4, 2004, Sunday

Tom Weiskopf expresses his desire to stop the changes in technology in golf. Mr. Weiskopf says “There are so many great courses in the world, including Loch Lomond, and the shame is that they will have to be changed.” Mr. Weiskopf continues to defend the fitness of the pros of yesterday and those of today, expressing that technology is the only factor that is causing the need for this change. Mr. Weiskopf also believes that the golf ball could be brought under control in competition like in tennis. They could slow the ball down as they have done in Wimbledon.

Harrison, David “”Wonder” golf ball’s extra yards outrages the purists” Sunday Telegraph (London) January 28, 2001, Sunday

Mr. Peter Dawson, secretary of the R&A argues the nature of the game would be changed and that many of the courses would be forced to close. He continue to explain the changes in the golf ball technologies and their distances over the years. He believes the game will become a driver and a putter challenge.

Grange, Michael “The drive to make golf more low-tech” The Globe and Mail (Canada) June 18, 2005 Saturday

This article centers on a throwback player , Todd Hamilton, and how is able to compete with others that are using the new technology. This article describes the changes in driving distance since 1985 to 2003. Mr. Frank Thomas, now a technical advisor to Golf Digest, talks about the limits of golf ball technology and how he feels that limit has been reached.

Peters, Glen “Today’s game is dull and predictable “ New Straits Times (Malaysia) July 1, 2001

An interview of five-time British Open champion, Peter Thompson, explains his opinions on state of the game. He comments on the changes in the turf and it’s condition have made on the game of golf. Mr. Thompson also expresses his opinion on the golf ball and how something will have to be done to control the distance that it can fly.

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