Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Step 3

Andrews, Barbara Henriksen. “Art, Reflection, and Creativity in the Classroom: The Student – Driven Art Course.” Art Education Jul 2005 35-40. Educational Resources Information Center. EbscoHost. U of Wisconsin-Madison Lib. 10 Oct. 2008 .

Andrews discusses the connectivity of art education with other academic disciplines. Additional information about business and community partnerships with the arts is provided. There is also commentary from students about the benefits that involvement in the arts has offered them; especially as an emotional and intellectual outlet.

Appel, Morgan. “Arts Integration Across the Curriculum.” Leadership Nov.-Dec. 2006: 14-17. Educational Resources Information Center. EbscoHost. U of Wisconsin-Madison Lib. 10 Oct 2008 .

Appel talks about the resurgence of interest in arts in schools. Focus is placed on the specific benefits of visual arts, music, drama, and dance. Appel also addresses the positive influence that arts courses have on the school environment as a whole. How the arts are tied to professional development and education beyond the secondary level is also discussed.

Ball, Eric and Alice Lai. “Place Based Pedagogy for the Arts and Humanities.” Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture 6.2 (2006): 261-287. Project MUSE. The John Hopkins University Press. U Wisconsin-Madison Lib. 24 Oct. 2008 .

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Kelsey Jo said...

Karly- So far so good, it would seem. You do a nice job of summing up the two articles you have annotated thus far. Did the annotation for the Ball article get cut off? I think it is nice that the first article has student testimony. This is essential to showing the positive affects of the arts.

Just a nit-picky question about citation format: in your word doc, you do have italics for your journal and database title, right? And a question I was wondering about: Can we abbreviate ERIC and LISTA? Because I did. . . Maybe we should ask Deb?