Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How new technology in golf ruined the game?

Here are a couple of the citations that really explain this issues. Has the new technology made the game too easy?

Golf & the Business Life [Special report]. Business Week no. 3885 (May 31 2004) p. GD1-GD23

A special section on the effect technology is having on golf. Articles discuss the effect on private clubs of having increasingly tech-savvy members, golf instructors' use of the Web, improvements in golfing equipment, Tiger Woods's new driver, the work of golf-course designer Herb Kohler, and golfing-related gadgets.

Kramer, S. State of the game: technology. Golf Magazine v. 41 no. 10 (October 1999) p. 142-6+

The writer describes how technology has altered golf equipment and instruction, examines why technological improvements have not reduced golfers' scores, and discusses opposition to modern technology.

Sens, J. The Quest for 300 Yards. Golf Magazine v. 50 no. 7 (July 2008) p. 94-6, 98, 100

The writer discusses his attempts to achieve a 300-yard drive using three approaches: steroids, technology, and technique. He explains that he achieved his goal when Tyler Ferrell, a trainer at the ClubGolf Performance Center in Maryland, instructed him to use the power of his hips more.

Webb, M. The Duke of Hazards [Interview with Prince Andrew]. Golf Magazine v. 46 no. 7 (July 2004) p. 179

Part of a special section on the 2004 British Open. In an interview, England's Prince Andrew discusses such topics as his year as captain of the Royal & Ancient (R&A), his work on the R&A's Amateur Status Committee, and his fears over the advances of technology in the game.

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