Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am not sure if I have done the annotations correctly and so would not mind any feedback. Thanks!

Davidsson, Robert I. “Providing Genealogy Research Services in Public Libraries: Guidelines and Ethics.” Public Libraries 43 no3 142-4 My/Je 2004.
Library Lit & Inf Science Retro, Library. Wilson Web. UW-M Lib. 8 Nov 2008.

This article states that in the last five years, tracing family geneaology has become something of interest. Davidsson also mentions how the public library collection is where people are going to look for their ancestry history. This article gives tips on how to assist these patrons with their questions and the databases that public libraries are investing in to assist these patrons with their quest in geneaology.

Nguyen, Lan N. "Going Online to Mine The Growing Wealth Of Genealogy Data." Wall Street Journal - Eastern Edition 248, no. 40 (August 17, 2006): D1-D2. Academic Search Elite. EBSCOhost .UW-M Lib. 13 Nov 2008.

This article discusses how genealogy research has increased the amount of websites available to help people in their search for their histories and relatives. It also describes how one person’s struggles with trying to research her husband’s grandfather and any relative who might be related to them. Genealogy has become a huge success for websites, as some of them charge for their services. This may be a downside to researching and make for an expensive hobby, but the upside is that, with the internet, you are able to contact many more people who you may be related to.


kathyclair said...

Amy, your annotations are to-the-point and should be helpful to a reader in making a decision about the usefulness of the article. Nice job!

Erin Hunter said...

The annotations are good, they are to the point and do a good job of discussing the main points of the articles. Based on what you've written, it would be easy for someone to see whether they should read those articles or find others for any research they might be doing on the topic.